Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Short and Sweet

It's late and I'm tired and tomorrow is a busy day. So...with no more ado, 

Wednesday: 3.01 in 29:12.83
Here are the splits...
Mile 1: 10:32
Mile 2: 9:40
Mile 3: 8:57

I never could understand why my husband and others did such crazy warm-up runs before a race. I always wondered if it didn't hurt their performance or cost them more than it earned them, so to speak. I'm starting to get it. 
The first couple of miles hurt and they're not your best. When the gun goes off, those who have warmed up a mile or two are ready to roll! 

My husband was unavailable to watch our little guy this evening and our wonderful neighbor came over to watch him so I could get a short run in. I LOVE her! :)

Goodnight. :)

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