Friday, April 15, 2011

Iron Sharpens Iron

Thanks so much for the awesome feedback! You guys are so motivating and I LOVED reading your comments and hearing about your workouts. Keep 'em coming! I want to hear how YOU are doing!

It was nice to have a running partner! :) I had my husband snap a picture for the blog before we headed out. He and Angie both humored me. :) 
It was so motivating to run with someone for a change. I ran the fastest mile I've run in a long time and I know it's because I had Angie there pushing me. We've already scheduled our next run this coming week. We are going to try to run when it's a bit cooler though and not quite so close to the middle of the day. It was HOT out there! Here's the breakdown of the mileage. 

Thursday: 5.50 miles in 51:35.27

Mile 1: 9:23
Mile 2: 8:51 *WOOHOO!* :)
Mile 3: 9:30
Mile 4: 10:17 (jogged a slower mile here)

Angie had to get back so we stretched and hydrated. I got home to find the little guy sleeping with his dad, so squeezed in a little more before calling it a day. 

Mile 5: 9:11

I ran another 1/2 mile, but I'm not counting it towards the total for the week. That'll teach me to quit before I'm done. ;)

So there it is, folks. :) After all my worries, it was really good to have some company out there. :) 


  1. Wow you did great. I am so totally not up your league. I rode my bike with the 25lb toddler strapped into the bike seat on Tuesday and Friday. Not sure how far, but it took me 25 minutes one way on Tuesday and Friday it took me 40 minutes one way. I use the bike as a means of getting to and from Bible study and playdates at the mall.
    Thursday I jogged/ran/sprinted almost 4km. Walked 1 mile for sure, I actually walk 2 miles every day weekday to get the oldest one to school. My run was hard though. It has been a long time since I ran and the trail was soggy, muddy and hard to run on. Sometimes I wish I could run on asphalt. I am wiped out today, but know I have so much to get done.
    Good luck with your 20 miles.

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  3. Yeah girl!!!! You're awesome. Keep up the great work...getting yourself fit and motivating the rest of us. =)