Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Workin' Out Without Music

Let me start by saying, "Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments on this blog and emails in my inbox." Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it more than you know and it motivates me so much. :)

Yesterday was an unexpected day off from running. My mother-in-law has been visiting and we ran lots of errands and spent an afternoon at the beach. Here's the little guy and I getting ready to head out to Coronado.

It was fun and relaxing, but I have a busy week ahead of me. My goal is to have my first 20 mile week this week. 

This morning my aching knees and I headed out the door early. I hadn't eaten anything yet, so I put down a double latte gel by Powerbar with a bottle of water before I left. I warmed up and walked for .45 miles and then started running. I realized midway through the first mile that I'd hurried off without my music. Darn it! I was running alone today as well, and my times are a bit slower. I must have been showing off a bit for my husband the other day or the music gives you more "get-up-and-go" than I realized. :)

Okay. Here are the numbers....
Mile 1: 10.53
Mile 2: 10.35
Mile 3: 10.49
Mile 4: 10.57

I only cooled down about .05 miles, which gave me a total of a half mile walking. I stretched with Dan and did a couple of planks when I got home, but I really should cool down a little better in the future. Twelve more miles to go this week to hit my goal. 

Well, not the most exciting post, I realize. I'll try to spice it up a bit in the future. However, I got the run in today in the midst of running errands, nursing baby, taking my MIL to the airport, etc. Woohoo! :) 


  1. run, cristan, run! who cares if the miles were slow for you? you did them!

  2. You look amazing & I'm so inspired by you! I lost my baby weight when Berkley turned 19 mos., so I'm just incredibly impressed with you! Woo hoo!