Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well...the fourth mile felt like it anyway. It was hot here, people. My husband had alot going on this morning and was unable to keep our little guy for me until a little after 11:00. I ran into a couple of girlfriends on my way out of the neighborhood and was invited to go to the pool and lay out for a couple of hours. Oh how I was tempted. Bigger is better if it's brown, afterall. But no...I opted for the running shoes over the bikini. Sigh. It's okay. The bikini doesn't fit me that well right now anyway. I'm trying to fix that. 

My girlfriend told me I was crazy. Her jeep was reading the temperature at 86 degrees. Let me tell you, by the time I was done running, I would have sworn it was 106! I was melting out there! 
It was such the catch-twenty-two (what does that mean anyway?) because it was so hot that my miles were sloooooow and because my miles were so slow, I was out in the heat longer which made me get the drift. 

Mile 1: 11:38
Mile 2: 11:18
Mile 3: 11:49
Mile 4: 13:05 (sigh)

I told you they were slow. 
I actually walked/ran the last half mile because I'm not so mentally tough that I'm ready to run and puke at the same time. I've seen girls do it though and I always think how amazing they are. Maybe in a race someday I'll give it that much heart, but not during my first 20-mile week in the suberbs. 

I came home to find that my son, whom I had worn out playing with all morning and had put down for a nap right before I left, was still sleeping. Lucky dad. I downed two glasses of water and two glasses of OJ and rushed to change into something to lay out in. It was my only chance. Just as I was ready to head outdoors, the dogs went NUTS and woke the baby up screaming. Lovely. 
I calmed him down and handed him to dad and went outside for about 10 minutes (husband says it was 15, but I don't believe him). Ten minutes will not a tan make, but on the bright side, maybe the bikini won't be considered "indecent exposure" by the time June rolls around.  The glass is half-full. :)


  1. Hi. I am a triathlete mom visiting from the UBP.
    I like your Catch slower, out in the heat longer. So true.

    Nice to meet you.

  2. ALWAYS opt for the running shoes rather than the bikini! I have to say, I'm impressed you ran in such hot weather, way to stick it out :) ...I found your blog from the UBP-just wanted to say hello again :) ... I enjoy your blog very much!

    Take Care!